Next Delivery is for Southeastern Massachusetts.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What days and times do you deliver?
A: Currently, we deliver 5 days a week. Our current delivery days are as follows:
    • Tuesday 12 pm to 9 pm
    • Wednesday 12 pm to 9 pm
    • Thursday 12 pm to 9 pm
    • Friday 12 pm to 9 pm
    • Saturday 12 pm to 9 pm

We will be adding additional days and times in the near future. If you have any suggestions as to days and times that you feel would be more convenient please contact us. Please note that you must place your order by 11:59 pm the evening before your delivery day. Shopping can be done and orders placed on Sunday and Monday but groceries won’t be delivered until the next delivery day.
Q: I would like my parents/guardians to deposit shopping funds for me to withdraw from, how can I do this?
A: It's simple! Contact your parents or guardians and have them click the Shopping Funds link on This will walk them through depositing Shopping Funds into your account. Contact us if you need additional help.
Q: How does your Loyalty Program work?
A:We really appreciate customers making Express-Mart their primary grocery source. To show our appreciation, we give free groceries to customers that place repeat orders. For every 5 orders between $100 and $150, you will receive $10 in free grocery funds. For every 5 orders over $150, you will receive $20 in free grocery funds. Your orders are tracked automatically for you and can be viewed anytime in the “My Account” section of our website. Once you complete either level of our loyalty program, we will deposit the respective amount into your grocery fund account.
Q: What do I need to become a member?
A:You will have to submit your name, email address, contact and delivery information, and an active debit/credit card to become a member. Your information will not be traded or sold and your credit card will not be charged unless you request or you purchase groceries and are not present during delivery and redelivery. See below for more information.
Q: If membership is free, why do I need to put a debit/credit card down?
A: We require a debit/credit card for all members to protect our business. In rare cases where a significant amount of groceries are purchased and a customer is unavailable for delivery, we are left with significant losses; having your information on file helps protect us from these rare cases. Your credit card will only be charged upon your request or for restocking fees if you are not present during your chosen delivery time.
Q:How do I cancel my membership?
A:Contact us if you would like to cancel your membership.
Q:How do I change my profile?
A: Changing your profile requires you to be signed in. Once signed in, simply click the “My Account” tab on top of our website to access and edit your profile.
Q:How can I retrieve my username and/or password?
A:Click here to retrieve your username and password.
Q: Can I order the same day I want it delivered?
A: Unfortunately we are unable to offer same day service delivery at this time. Your order must be made by 11:59 p.m. the day before your chosen delivery date.
Q: Do you have a delivery fee?
A: Our Standard fee is $10.00 for a minimum order of $100 up to an order of $150. For an order that’s $150 and over there’s no delivery fee.
Q:What if I’m not there during the delivery time?
A: It’s important that you do your best to be present during the delivery time you choose. If you are not present during your delivery time, you will be subject to a $15 redelivery charge. If you are not present during your delivery time, or do not attempt to have a redelivery, you will be charged a $30 restocking fee. We will email you a couple of times prior to your order to remind you of your order time and details.
Q: Do I have to be there to receive my groceries?
A:Yes, you must be there to receive your groceries. If you cannot be there for your groceries, you must contact us immediately. If you have another person that will be accepting your groceries, you must notify us ahead of time. This can be done by contacting us. Be sure to include your order number, delivery date, and delivery time.
Q: Can I have my groceries delivered to a different address than my own?
A:Yes. During the checkout process you will be asked for your delivery address. Simply change this address to the one you wish to have the delivery. Your selection will be delivered to the location you enter.
Q: Do I have to tip the driver?
A:Leaving tips is entirely up to you. Tips are not expected, but are always appreciated by our employees.
Customer Service
Q: What if I am missing an item?
A: Please contact us immediately if you feel you are missing an item from you order. We will locate the item and bring it to you immediately. After 48 hours. We can no longer be responsible for missing items. We double check all orders when they are picked up before they are delivered. It is extremely important for us to know if we made any mistakes so we can fix them.
Q: How do I contest a charge on my credit card?
A: If you feel there is an incorrect charge on your credit card, please contact us immediately. We will work with you to identify the charge and settle any issues quickly.
Q: : There is a problem with my groceries, what should I do?
A: We handle all customer complaints seriously. Please contact us on this number (617-327-5442)immediately if you have any concerns about your groceries. Please understand you must contact us within 24 hours after your delivery if you have a concern about the freshness of our groceries. We require you to contact us within 48 hours if you feel an item is missing. Our business rests entirely on delivering the highest quality of groceries so we always want to know if you are ever unhappy with your order.
Q: I want an item that is not on the Express-Mart site, what do I do?
A:If you are looking for an item, but don’t see it in our store, click the suggest a product link, type in the items that you are looking for and we will do our best to add it to our store. Once you submit the information you should receive an e-mail within 24 hours letting you know that the item is available and ready to be added to your next order.
Q: What types of payment do you accept?
A: We accept American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa, and withdrawals from your Shopping Funds. You can determine which method you wish to use during the checkout process. Click here for a more detailed explanation of our Shopping Funds.
Q: I just placed an order with my credit card and noticed the pending charge was slightly higher than the actual order, why is this?
A:Customers often choose the convenience of leaving a tip for the driver on their credit/debit card. In order for Express-Mart to be able to accept tips, we must place a pending charge above the order total at the time your order is placed. Once your order is delivered, the transaction will be settled for the exact amount you choose when you sign your receipt.
Q: My credit card got denied – I double checked the number and expiration date, and I know for sure there is enough credit on my card. What gives?
A: If you entered in the number and the expiration date correctly, your card may have been denied because the billing address you supplied us with does not match the address on file with your credit card company. Some credit card companies will not authorize the transaction unless we have the correct address – it’s for your own security.
Q: Can I change my order after it has been placed?
A: If you wish to change an order, please contact us with the items you would like to change. We will accept any order changes prior to 11:59 pm the day before your delivery date.
Q: How do I cancel an order?
A:Canceling an order can be completed by contacting us and stating your name, order number, and request for cancellation. Orders can be cancelled prior to 11:59 pm. the day before the delivery date.
Security & Privacy
Q:Do you sell or trade my personal information?
A:No we do not. We value your privacy and ensure your information is protected and only used internally to improve your experience. Your information can only be accessed when you sign in or by request.
Q: What is Express-Mart’s Privacy Policy?
A: Read Our Privacy Policy
Q: How do I know my order is secure?
A: At Express-Mart, we want you to feel safe while shopping with us. That’s why we use the THAWTE brand to verify our standing. THAWTE verifies our address and business standing for your comfort. In addition they encrypt all of your personal information, including name, address, and credit card number, as it is submitted to our web server. Once received, your personal information is stored in our providers secure data center.
Q: Can I give you feedback/suggestions?
A: We love to hear what you have to say about any facet of our business and encourage you to let us know any thoughts you have, good or bad, about Express-Mart and the service that we provide. Click here to send us any comments, suggestions, or feedback.

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